The use of photography in architecture

Nowadays the use of images to define and characterise architectural spaces is widespread, especially in temporary, trade-fair and sport-related architecture etc.  From the start of digital photography and above all over the last ten years, the techniques for reproducing and above all for printing photographs have advanced to such a degree that nowadays it [...]

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On Rothko

I would now like to post an article on the important role which art has played both in my personal, and above all, in my professional life. I would like this to be a very personal account.  Although professional websites don’t normally call for articles of this nature, talking about oneself sometimes allows for [...]

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A restoration of an old building in Toscany

This project, carried out in the historic centre of Manciano in Tuscany (Italy), not only called or a structural consolidation and restoration, but also a new design proposal which, by means of a structural intervention, would create a terrace from a portion of the pitched roof. As the municipal regulations stipulated no increase in [...]

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My new studio-house in Antwerp

My new studio in Antwerp is located in Wisselstraat 8 in a side street of the central Grote Mark on the second floor of a 1970s building.  Outwardly the building has tried to ‘blend-in’ with the surrounding old buildings by incorporating  the aesthetics of the their facades and their use of materials. Antwerp is [...]

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