Wissel 8 The suspension lamp “Wissel 8” is a ceiling lamp and is designed to emit a warm glow reflecting downwards to light a dining table. A 2800 mm- long led strip divided into eigth 350 mm long parts, with an output of 12 watts/meter, reflects light on 4 metal plates covered by hand with 23 karat gold coated leafs. The piece anchoring the lamp to the ceiling is made from a steel plate with an in-built 12 ampere tranformer. All elements are held together by 4 steel wires and a bus connector keeps each plate from moving. Dimensions WxDxH: 800x800x1100 / 1600 mm © 2015 Domenico Pasqua

Wissel 4 The wall lamp “Wissel 4“ is designed to radiate light in two opposite directions. It consists of a plywood lacquered structure with attached lightbulbs that are shielded by two dither steel grids and one electric blue plexiglass plate.The light goes through the two white translucent plexiglass elements. The two pieces redirecting light are made of grey opaque matte plexiglass. It uses two 15-watt LED bulbs with E27 base. Dimensions WxDxH: 110x155x1160 mm © 2016 Domenico Pasqua

4 F.Lo.W. The table lamp 4 Flow is degined to create light sources at a low or medium height to be used on tables, consoles and other similar pieces of furniture. It has a matt steel structure with E14 lamp holder; the hood is in translucent milk plexiglass. It has an 8 watt LED bulb with E27 base. Dimensions WxDxH: 140x140x610 mm © 2015 Domenico Pasqua

Lenghi The “Lenghi” wall lamp is a large light plate. It' s designed to look like a glowing wall and its main body is made of a steel sheet structure to which a 12 mm white frosted glass plate gets fastened through two rectangular plates covered in the same glossy sheet as the main structure Its LED light strip is 2800 mm long and it's split into four 700mm-long elements and has a 6 watts/meter power . Dimensions WxDxH: 800x80x1400mm © 2002 Domenico Pasqua