Domenico Pasqua was born in Italy in 1959 and has Italian and Belgian citizenship. He studied architecture at Rome’s ‘La Sapienza‘ University, where he obtained a degree cum laude in 1986 with a thesis on Alvar Aalto’s private housing and his lesser known works. Whilst carrying out research at Alvar Aalto’s study in Helsinki he was also able to follow the construction of Aalto’s posthumous works at Rovaniemi which were being carried out by his widow, Ellissa Alto and her team. After graduation he opened his own practice working on projects including private housing, commercial and industrial buildings. He is registered with the Rome Chamber of Architects (registration nr 8095) as architect, urbanist, landscape architect and restorer of historical buildings.

ARCHITECTURE With offices in Rome and Antwerp, my activities include designing private residences, the renovation of public or private buildings, interior and industrial design as well as the design of green areas of private buildings. Please contact me to in order to arrange a preliminary meeting where we can assess your needs or proposals. contact

PAINTINGS My interest in painting started at a young age, prior to studying architecture and over time the two passions became fused. The works published on this site represent just a few of my works and illustrate the changes in my creative inspiration over time. Commissions are accepted, albeit whilst respecting my creative expression. contact

PHOTOGRAPHY My passion for photography, often linked to architectural works, developed its own path and has culminated in various photo projects, with an archive of over 20 years’ standing. The passion started with manual printing in black and white, a skill acquired in the course of an internship in New York at the studio which handles the new prints for International exhibitions made from Robert Mapplethorpe’s negatives. It has evolved into development and digital printing, based on the concept of showing the greatest respect possible to the original shot. Only a selection of the completed projects are included on this site. Please contact me for a larger selection and in order to order high-resolution files for private use in your interior design projects; or directly for the delivery of prints on any type of support or size (depending on the used support); or commission a new project according to your interests but only for the use as part of an interior design. contact

LITERATURE My literary activity is totally self-taught and began in 2000. It currently includes two novels, thirteen short stories and various travelogues. Among the short stories, “Symphony for Leningrad” won the top award in a cultural exchange between Italy and Russia and was published in 'Sviesda' (nr. ?) a literary journal founded by Tolstoy. Another, “Miriam e il vento” was published in the literary journal “Nuovi Argomenti” (nr ??) which was founded by founded by the Italian novelist, Moravia and the film director Pier Paolo Pasolini. The above works are available in digital format and can be purchased directly from this site. contact